Saturday, October 30, 2010

Crap that bothers me...

So lately, I've been watching a lot of television. Being unemployed does that to anybody. But, I'm beginning to notice something really annoying and it just pisses me off.

What I'm really angry about are celebrities.

Specifically.. they're celebrities that are actually supporting some sort of organization and they ask us common folk to give or donate.

What the fu*k?!

You guys have millions of dollars in your pockets and you want us to donate our hard earned money? Some of which required sweat and tears?

It just irks me. Instead of asking me to donate, why don't you take your own medicine and help them. I'm sure some of them donate money, but how easy would it be for you to recover the funds you donated?

What about Laquesha and her hard earned minimum wage? If she donated 50 bucks to the Stand Up to Cancer organization, that's probably a fourth of her weekly wage. 50 bucks is a latte and probably a nice lunch in West Hollywood.

I'm done ranting.. but if you're a celebrity and you're reading this.. I would love to see someone that completely gave all of his/her possessions and showed us an example of what charity really is.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Very cool video...

Friday and Halloween is coming tomorrow.  Funny, I won't be doing anything to aggravate myself anymore.

For those guys out there in the States, please drive safe and don't drive drunk!

I found this video to be inspirational.  Chiggity Check it:

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Still trying to get out of this funk.

Sorry for the lack of updates.  I've been recovering since earlier this week.   I think it has to do with the boozin.  My liver is not feeling to good. 

Job hunting is still going as planned.  I'm feeling the pressure now.  The honeymoon is definitely over...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oh man.. Vegas..

Sorry for the delayed response.  I had to have some time to recuperate from my drinking binge and wild nights of gambling.

I'll shorten this before I head back to bed:
-Started the night with Jack and Coke.
-Continued to drink Jack and Coke.
-Proceeded to the casino downstairs and started gambling.  Black Jack to be exact.
-Lost a Benjamin in the process, but was able to squeeze in four cocktails of Jack and Coke.
-Wanted some french toast and eggs.  So, I proceeded to one of the late night diners.
-Apparently a drunk midwest girl was having her 24th birthday party.  I was pretty tossed and I was more than obliged to take pictures with her and her friends. I later find out that she's from Iowa.  We have a small chit chat and we find out she's staying in the same hotel as I am.  We decide to hang out further into the night.
-I go upstairs to change into some clubbing clothes.  Go downstairs and meet her at the lobby.  We go to a few clubs with her friends.  Luckily for me, she had friends that weren't cock blocking or being the mother hen.
-We drink.
-We drink some more. 
-We kind of get physical in the club.  Her friends notice and they disappear into the crowd.
-I suggest we get out of the club.  She agrees and we head up to my room.  I order some room service.  We chat a bit.
-We get physical again.  This time, we're rounding third base here.  I get a knock on the door. It's room service. He comes in with her butt naked on my bed.  The room service guy has a look of surprise but tries not to look. I give him a tip and off he goes.
-We do it.
-We take a break.
-We do it again.
-I eat my toast.  she drinks her oj.
-We do it again.
-Then I pass out with a waffle on my face. 
-I wake up.  I notice that she's still sleeping in my room.  I go into the shower and rinse off the booze, the waffles and crap off myself.

I was hoping I could create a short list and I'm seeing that I'm writing an essay.  Long story short, she leaves my room and I later find out she recently had a break up with her boyfriend and just needed a quick tryst.  I was more than happy to oblige... but in the back of my mind.. I feel somewhat used. 

I feel like I was used as a manwhore. 

Back to sleep.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Last one before I hit the road to Vegas... (Strawberries and Cream?)

God.. I would totally do this if I had a little sister. She's sounds so annoying..

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sometimes.. you'll get more than what you wish for...

Ah... this totally made my effing day.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wii Fit... I need to get one.. oh. and a girlfriend too.

She's soo cute~!

I guess there's always a flip side to everything as well.. 

:(   I'm sad now.

In other news, I'll be going to Vegas on Tuesday til Thursday.  It'll be kind of nice going there by myself.  I've never done this before.  Usually, I'll go with friends for functions like birthdays or bachelor parties.  I wonder what I'll be doing?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mariko Takahashi wants us to work out!

Very creepy...yet I find her still attractive. 

Friday, October 15, 2010

Who would win in a Food eating Contest? Man or Dog?

It's been really stressful these past few weeks, but these videos seem to cheer me up.

RH - Blood Types and the uniqueness behind that.. very interestings tuff.

I never even knew that there was a RH - blood type.

Have a look see...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar=Gross and overtly sensitive...

I hate the View.

I pretty much everyone that's on it. I think they're bunch of hens cackling about nonsensical stuff.

I really was annoyed when Bill O'Reilly showed up to the View and Whoopi and Joy began berating him over crap that really made no sense.  They took everything so literally and began harping on him about the whole issue with having a muslim center near Ground Zero.

Personally, I don't really care who is right and who is wrong.  I'm not even a fan of Bill O'Reilly as well.  He's just as annoying.  But, I just don't understand how people can debate amongst one another by having a shouting match.

Jesus, are you three years old?  WTF?  Instead of having a shouting match or huffing and puffing out of the studio because you don't like the way he or she presents her case, then you shouldn't be in talk show to begin with.

Whoopi and Joy... I'm disappointed in you too.  I really liked you in Sister Act Whoopi.. but you made that one go down the drain...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chilean Miners finally getting some fresh air.

It took them a couple of months, but these Chilean miners were able to surface back up to the real world.

I gotta hand it to these guys. It's bad enough to be stuck in a cramped place for so long.. but the fact that it was 90 degrees in there.

90 effing degrees, cramped, 30 some odd guys all sweating their asses off. How uncomfortable is that?

Jesus... they've managed to pick up 17 out of the 33 miners from that hell hole and there's already talks of book deals, movies and other offerings for these guys.

My question is this.

Knowing fully that you would be given these once in a lifetime chance at celebrity status, would you endure 3 months of 90 degree weather, intermittent food supplies and just the fact that you're next to 32 other sweaty dudes?

I'd have to say, I couldn't do it.  No matter how much money is thrown at the table.  3 months of this hell. 
Hell to the no.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cat pooping adventures continues..

Ah Mr. Cat.  You were truly awesome.  You made my day from crappy to awesome. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Job hunting and realizing something about myself.

I don't know how bad the economy is outside of the US, but it royally sucks here in California.

When I was in Vancouver a few months ago, I didn't see anything change. Granted.. I was only in the metro areas.. but the demographic was insane. They were all young professionals like me and they were actually enjoying life. Clubs were pretty decent.

Crap really hit the fan, when the housing bubble collapsed. I'm kind of sad that I never pro-actively invested some time and work into mortgages while it was going well. I think it had to do with ethics and actually having a conscience. I knew all about what ARM's were and I couldn't believe people would actually opt into doing ARM's or having Interest only to purchase homes. I was actually surprised it lasted this long.

Friends were making money hand over fist. Easily profitting $10,000.00-$50,000.00 a month. Granted my friends weren't exactly saavy with investing or saving for a rainy day. They bought their typical $100,000.00 car. They bought two homes. One where they worked and one for "playing". They were usually off going on trips to God knows where and they enjoyed it to the fullest.

I guess.. what I'm realizing is that I'm a big fat pussy.  I always second guess myself when it comes to making decisions.  Half of my friends just have this mentality of.. "F*ck it." and they just blow up successfully.  The lose their jobs, they lose all of their money.. but within six months they're back on their feet.. making decent money (around 80k) and actually settling down.

I know it's going to take some time, but I'm going to just go for things instead of taking these "calculated risks." 

I seem to have an infatuation with cats these days...

I laughed pretty hard there... why?  God.. I don't know.

Weekend was pretty chill.  I didn't do much.  I had some friends drop by my apartment, but they were somewhat under the influence so I thought I'd drive for them. 
Muthaf*ckin French Toast!

I swear.. Denny's always taste better at night. 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

How to scar your children for life...

Those poor kids..

Saturday, October 9, 2010

UFO Sighting in China. WTF BBQ?

There's been some UFO sightings in China.

Apparently this has been the 8th sighting sighting of UFO's in China in less than six months.

Pretty freaking crazy.

The Chinese government is claiming that they're doing their own military and security exercises.

But seriously.. when has China ever openingly admitted to doing military exercises?

It's been way overdue. Governments should finally admit these UFO sightings as being legitimate. I highly doubt it would cause that much pandemonium amongst the population. Who are we to say that we're the only living beings out there? That's just being ignorant.

Random note..Maybe those UFO's were there to pick some Chinese?

I kid. I kid..

Link Link

Friday, October 8, 2010

John Lennon's Birthday is coming up tomorrow.

I'm not sure if any of you guys are Beatles' fans, but I thought I'd point out John Lennon's birthday is tomorrow.

Lennon was a pretty talented guy, but his choice in women.. (Yoko Ono) were not so great in my opinion.

Why is it that all these great artists somehow end up with crazy psycho women?

Here's Lennon's Stand By Me.

And then.. there's Yoko..

What... the... FUDGE?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ever hear of a girl named Gyaru Sone?

Gyaru Sone (Natsuko) is very well known in Japan to be rather attractive and for also having a voracious appetite.

I'll break it down for you:

Bean/Rice Dish
Roughly $210.00
3,000 kcalories
weighing 1 kg

Donkatsu (Fried pork)
Roughly $1,365.00
20,000 kcalories
Weight 3 kg

Roughly $2,000.00
17,000 kcalories
Weight 10 kg

And she's still cute looking!

Towards the end, you'll see her apologizing to the chef by letting him know that she can't eat anymore and she'll come tomorrow to finish whatever's left of the parfait..

Mrs. Heffhauser.. revisited..

Since I've been home lately, I've been seeing Mrs. Heffhauser more and more and today.. was pretty much all about her.  

For those that remember her in my past posts, she's the land lady in the complex that I'm living with.  She's somewhat old fashioned and if I had to take a guess, she's probably from the mid west since she's referring me as an Oriental still. 

Mrs. Heffhauser lives downstairs from me.  Right beneath me.  And, sad to say, the walls and floors are fairly thin.  I think the vents are connected as well since I can usually smell marinara coming into my room when I'm washing the dishes. 

So anyways, I was looking around for jobs on the net today.. and out of nowhere a shriek came through the vents.  My heart felt like it raced up to my tonsils..

Mrs. H: Help! Help! 

I panic.  I don't exactly know what to do.  Instead of calling 911 like a regular person, I get up and stand on my seat and talk to her through the vents.

Me:  Uh.  Mrs. Heffhauser?  Are you alright?

Mrs. H:  XXX, No I'm not goddamn alright!! Help me! 

Me: Well.. what happened? 

Mrs. H: Just get your ass here.  If the door is locked, just kick the shit out of it and get your ass in here!

Me:  Uh.. I don't know.. I don't want to..

Mrs H: GET IN HERE!!!! 

I run downstairs and begin trying to ram down the door.  No dice.  I can't even budge it. 

As I'm doing this, I'm hearing Mrs. Heffhauser scream her ass off. 

I try the door knob.  Sure enough.. it's open.  I turn the knob and I go in.  I check the living room, I check her room and sure enough.. I check the bathroom. 

I saw Mrs. Heffhauser in all her glory.  She was butt naked. 

Mrs H:  Well don't stand there gawking at me.  Help me up.

Apparently, she was in the bathroom and was in the process of taking a shower when she slipped on the bathroom rug, twisted her ankle and hit her head pretty bad on the toilet.  There was a pretty nasty bump on her forehead.

I grab a towel and cover her up.

Mrs H:  I'm going to get dressed. Help me get dressed.

Me: What?!  We need to call the ambulance and get you to the hospital

Mrs H: Are you stupid?!  You Orientals are supposed to be smart and good with money.  Do you know how much that would cost me?!

Me:  Uh.. I don't feel comfortable doing any of this, Mrs. Heffhauser. 

Mrs. H: You've never seen a naked women before?  Jesus H. Christ. Don't be so childlike. 

Long story short, I get her dressed.  I was fortunate enough to just get her clothes and closed the door so she could put on her clothes in privacy. I literally piggy back her to my car and take her to the nearest urgent care hospital.  I call her kids up and let them know that their mother had an accident.  Sadly, all I got were voicemails.  I help her fill out the questionnaire and I literally just sit there. 

For hours. 

Doc comes out and asks if I'm somehow related to her.  I let him know that she's my land lady. 

Doctor:  I'm letting you know that she had a concussion and she sprained her ankle pretty bad. We're going to have her at the hospital for at least a night.  We just want to make sure..

I go ahead and drive back home but all that I'm wondering.. where the eff are her kids?  I mean.. that's so sad that her own kids won't even show up for emergencies...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Facebook making some changes...about smeggin time.

Apparently, Facebook notified the Associated Press that they were going to announce something at 10;30am today.

Company selling to ze' Google?
Mark Zuckerberg approving his recently created movie?

So, apparently Facebook is going to overhaul on user control. Zuckerberg's Facebook will allow all files and information to be downloaded in a zip file for comfort and ease.

Second, they plan on making Facebook more automated in creating lists that you can later edit. Personally, I'm a big fan of lists. That's how I get crap done.

Third, they're going to make it more streamlined when it comes to social networking. Let's just say you created a group within friends.. and a random person is invited in. Your group will be notified of the invite and will have the option of blocking or allowing that person to join in.

Interesting nonetheless... but I guess I'm a spoiled littl kid. I wanted more..

Official announcement from Facebook's blog page.

Angry Rant Part Tres

Being that I'm newly unemployed, I've been going on sites like Monster to find me a job that I could actually be decent at.

I found a posting that I found interesting applied. Recruiter called me a week ago and told me that the CEO would love to interview for this position.

We set a time and date for today and me trying to be a responsible adult show up at the facility fifteen minutes early.

I stand there at the facility and as usual.. just like my last interview.. there's no one at the front desk. Keep in mind it's 9am in the morning.

Then some bumbling idiot walks out of nowhere and asks why I'm here.

me: Well.. I'm here for an interview. XXX asked that I come to this facility.

The idiot acknowledges my presence and goes into back.

Then, another guy comes in and tells me the CEO forgot about the interview and went to another facility and asked if I could drive over there to meet him.

I should have just said, "ok" and then driven to a drive-thru to pick up some chicken nuggets..

But, I'm a big pussy and I agree to go.

I go inside and it's like a ramshackle set up. And once again.. I sit and wait there for thirty minutes. I'm at my wits end now and I'm wondering if I should just walk out.

The guy finally pops out of his office and then asks that I follow him.

Mr. CEO tries to ask me questions and are unrelated to the job description. He begins to go on a tangent about certain issues and then I begin to realize that he has no idea what's going on.

Mr. CEO: So, I'll be frank with you. I thought you had xxx experience.

Me: Well, I don't. Frankly, I based it off of the job posting that your HR manager posted on Monster and I'm going off of that.

Mr. CEO: ....

I shake his hands and I walk out.

This is the second time that this happened.. I'm wondering I'm setting a trend here.

Back to the drawing board I guess...

Monday, October 4, 2010

Bruce Lee+Nunchuks= Awesome.

Apparently Nokia gathered what they had left over their marketing department and actually came up with this brilliant commercial starring Bruce Lee, nunchuks and ping pong.

Have a look see. It was actually pretty cool to watch:

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Angry and Annoyed: WWF now called WWE... Walking down memory lane. Wrestling isn't what it seems anymore.

Wrestling has definitely changed throughout the years. I was a big fan of wrestling when I was a kid.

Yes.. I even wrote a letter to Hulk Hogan when he apparently was in a coma in one of his wrestling bouts. Hell.. I didn't know that it was all "fake" at the time.

It went on for a while.

Then.. I started interest in it. I just couldn't take it anymore. They just had a humongous influx of wrestlers that came out of nowhere.. I think I completely lost interest when Vince started showing up in the picture. I just thought it was silly..

Random fact: I did grab Brett Michael's arm pit hair when he was coming down the aisle. I meant to reach out for his arm.. but I was pushed over by a bigger kid and my hand somehow groped his armpit.  He was definitely using some sort of Speed stick. My hand smelled like it for a while there. Back then.. wrestlers didn't shave their damn pits..

Yeah Bret... we had a moment there.   We really had a moment.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

California Politics at it's finest in California: Meg Whitman and illegal immigrant debacle

California is currently doing their gubernatorial (it sounds better when Arnold says it) race and there are two incumbents.

Meg Whitman: Republican / Ex CEO of Ebay

Jerry Brown: Democrat / Was governor of CA many years ago.

Meg Whitman is considered to be hard on illegal immigration and isn't a support of labor unions.

Jerry Brown is a hippie and falls head over heels for labor unions.

Currently, CA is in this huge budget crisis due to poor money management, overspending on salaries and just being subservient to labor unions.

Meg Whitman planned on changing all of that by saying she would crack down on (no big surprise) labor unions and illegal immigration.

Lo' and behold Meg Whitman actually did have an illegal immigrant that worked as their maid in their multi-million dollar home. The Whitman household gave her 23 bucks an hour. 23 FREAKING BUCKS!

The Whitman family knew nothing about it and did go through an agency to find this immigrant. The illegal provided documents that seemed genuine and went from there.

Everybody and their momma's found out about this from Gloria Allred/attorney who primarily deals in discriminatory law and was representing the illegal immigrant.

Gloria swears that she's only representing her client and she is no way aligned with Jerry Brown.

Ok, first off. The freaking illegal immigrant made 23 bucks an hour! On average that's at least more than half of the population of the US.

Second, Gloria Allred had to have been working with Jerry Brown on this one. The Whitman family apparently fired her during the election. Why would Meg Whitman hire someone knowing fully that her life would be scrutinized.

Politics to me is pathetic. I don't understand the mud slinging and the name calling. It doesn't do anything for me. Just hold by your principles and present only that. If I wanted to watch drama, I would be watching some sort of soap operas.

By the way, Meg Whitman is very attractive. Soooo very attractive..

That forehead could bring any man down.... to his knees ... in pain..

Friday, October 1, 2010

People of Wal-Mart

Ah... I couldn't help but laugh when I got this in an email today.

HAHA. Gross.

Last day at my job...looking for the great beyond aka unemployed

Today is going to be my last day on the job. I'm glad this chapter will be over and I'm scared of what's going to happen next. I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to expect. I do admit, I acted a bit brash getting out of here, but dealing with unusual and rude employees and being hounded by a cleaning lady, I figure it was a nice way of escaping a situation that could have been escalated if I stuck around there any longer.

My entry is going to be short today since I gotta finish up some work before I head on out.