Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Facebook making some changes...about smeggin time.

Apparently, Facebook notified the Associated Press that they were going to announce something at 10;30am today.

Company selling to ze' Google?
Mark Zuckerberg approving his recently created movie?

So, apparently Facebook is going to overhaul on user control. Zuckerberg's Facebook will allow all files and information to be downloaded in a zip file for comfort and ease.

Second, they plan on making Facebook more automated in creating lists that you can later edit. Personally, I'm a big fan of lists. That's how I get crap done.

Third, they're going to make it more streamlined when it comes to social networking. Let's just say you created a group within friends.. and a random person is invited in. Your group will be notified of the invite and will have the option of blocking or allowing that person to join in.

Interesting nonetheless... but I guess I'm a spoiled littl kid. I wanted more..

Official announcement from Facebook's blog page.


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  3. Interesting I guess. Wonder how it will it will look like after the changes.

  4. you've got some good insight in this post :)

  5. these are some interesting changes!

  6. Facebook is Big Brother. I dont use it.

  7. probably a good idea from facebook. eh.

  8. meh.. i don't have a facebook.
    i've been living under a rock for a decade now.

  9. I hope it's as good as it sounds. Facebook has a tendency to screw up it's interface every time there's a big update.