Saturday, October 2, 2010

California Politics at it's finest in California: Meg Whitman and illegal immigrant debacle

California is currently doing their gubernatorial (it sounds better when Arnold says it) race and there are two incumbents.

Meg Whitman: Republican / Ex CEO of Ebay

Jerry Brown: Democrat / Was governor of CA many years ago.

Meg Whitman is considered to be hard on illegal immigration and isn't a support of labor unions.

Jerry Brown is a hippie and falls head over heels for labor unions.

Currently, CA is in this huge budget crisis due to poor money management, overspending on salaries and just being subservient to labor unions.

Meg Whitman planned on changing all of that by saying she would crack down on (no big surprise) labor unions and illegal immigration.

Lo' and behold Meg Whitman actually did have an illegal immigrant that worked as their maid in their multi-million dollar home. The Whitman household gave her 23 bucks an hour. 23 FREAKING BUCKS!

The Whitman family knew nothing about it and did go through an agency to find this immigrant. The illegal provided documents that seemed genuine and went from there.

Everybody and their momma's found out about this from Gloria Allred/attorney who primarily deals in discriminatory law and was representing the illegal immigrant.

Gloria swears that she's only representing her client and she is no way aligned with Jerry Brown.

Ok, first off. The freaking illegal immigrant made 23 bucks an hour! On average that's at least more than half of the population of the US.

Second, Gloria Allred had to have been working with Jerry Brown on this one. The Whitman family apparently fired her during the election. Why would Meg Whitman hire someone knowing fully that her life would be scrutinized.

Politics to me is pathetic. I don't understand the mud slinging and the name calling. It doesn't do anything for me. Just hold by your principles and present only that. If I wanted to watch drama, I would be watching some sort of soap operas.

By the way, Meg Whitman is very attractive. Soooo very attractive..

That forehead could bring any man down.... to his knees ... in pain..


  1. Man do I agree with Meg Whitmans forehead. I was writhing in pain as I typed this

  2. hey, this is one of my more favorite posts from you :)

  3. this is so fucking hilarious that these people are going to run our state. and this is why i dont vote, its grown ups on a play ground

  4. 23 bucks an hour 0.0 YEAH ID CLEAN SOMEONES HOUSE FOR THAT and maybe even a little extra

  5. Man stay away from beans. Who said that? plato? socrates?

  6. I like how racist people are when they never admit to it.

  7. yep these people run our state - awesome!

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    i like it
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  9. Well then, I think you should check out thenoagendashow. DO IT.

  10. Hey, it's nowhere near as bad as Arizona's gubernatorial election... or rather, Arizona's governor and the fact that she's gonna get reelected despite the fact that she can't finish a sentence.

  11. read all of this in arnies voice.. damn you!

  12. twenty... three... dollars... a fucking hour...

    Fuck. I'm a college graduate and I don't make that much