Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oh man.. Vegas..

Sorry for the delayed response.  I had to have some time to recuperate from my drinking binge and wild nights of gambling.

I'll shorten this before I head back to bed:
-Started the night with Jack and Coke.
-Continued to drink Jack and Coke.
-Proceeded to the casino downstairs and started gambling.  Black Jack to be exact.
-Lost a Benjamin in the process, but was able to squeeze in four cocktails of Jack and Coke.
-Wanted some french toast and eggs.  So, I proceeded to one of the late night diners.
-Apparently a drunk midwest girl was having her 24th birthday party.  I was pretty tossed and I was more than obliged to take pictures with her and her friends. I later find out that she's from Iowa.  We have a small chit chat and we find out she's staying in the same hotel as I am.  We decide to hang out further into the night.
-I go upstairs to change into some clubbing clothes.  Go downstairs and meet her at the lobby.  We go to a few clubs with her friends.  Luckily for me, she had friends that weren't cock blocking or being the mother hen.
-We drink.
-We drink some more. 
-We kind of get physical in the club.  Her friends notice and they disappear into the crowd.
-I suggest we get out of the club.  She agrees and we head up to my room.  I order some room service.  We chat a bit.
-We get physical again.  This time, we're rounding third base here.  I get a knock on the door. It's room service. He comes in with her butt naked on my bed.  The room service guy has a look of surprise but tries not to look. I give him a tip and off he goes.
-We do it.
-We take a break.
-We do it again.
-I eat my toast.  she drinks her oj.
-We do it again.
-Then I pass out with a waffle on my face. 
-I wake up.  I notice that she's still sleeping in my room.  I go into the shower and rinse off the booze, the waffles and crap off myself.

I was hoping I could create a short list and I'm seeing that I'm writing an essay.  Long story short, she leaves my room and I later find out she recently had a break up with her boyfriend and just needed a quick tryst.  I was more than happy to oblige... but in the back of my mind.. I feel somewhat used. 

I feel like I was used as a manwhore. 

Back to sleep.


  1. who was the celebrity she most resembled?

  2. hey, man, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas:)

  3. So you had to wash the crap off yourself....stuck it in the pooper, eh?