Wednesday, January 26, 2011

MLM's bother the bejesus out of me and also a big thank you to twsketchaday

So while I'm sitting there miserable at work wondering when it'll be all over.  I got a text message from an acquaintance. 

Just to give you a bio about the guy:
-I knew him in high school.
-We talked every now and then.
-He found me on Facebook.
-WE never chatted or hung out. If we did, it was usually in a group setting from mutual friends.

So anyways, he's been calling me like crazy.  One of his voicemails kinda started like this:

" Yo, Mr. Smith.  Long time no chat bro!  I haven't hung out with you in ages.  I've been doing good man.  I've been making a crapload of money.  Since we're so close, I wanted you to be a part of it as well.  This XXX (MLM company) has been taking care of me, bro.  I put down a 100 bucks and I've been making money like crazy bro. WE gotta hang out man.  The sooner you give me a call, the sooner you'll get hooked up man. BIG TIME BRO! I'll give you a call tomorrow night and see what's going on bro."


So.. uh yeah. That message drew out to be a three minute voicemail on my phone.  What a freaking cumquat...I hardly know this guy and he's called me like ten times in the past three days.  I plan on calling him and kindly letting him know to f*ck off.  We'll see how that goes.

And why the heck is he saying bro so much?!

In other news, I was honored to have twsketchaday draw me something pretty dope.

Check em out twsketchaday and give him some props!


  1. This is the first time I've seen the word cumquat used in a sensible, proper context. The gentleman to whom you are referring is indeed a certifiable cumquat.

  2. Wow! You went to school with spam?

  3. @ Das Auto LOL! Yea that guy sounds like a true winner

  4. He might be gay and has a crush on you.
    Also "I've been making a crapload of money" might be bullshit and he will soon need a loan.

  5. What a jerk. I like your blog, I'll be following.

  6. Forget that guy bro, I got a much better oppurtunity for you. You could own your own business and make money just by suckering other people in to do the same thing. Think about it.