Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday and I'm at work...f*ck~!

In my past blog, some of you people were mentioning that it would have been a great way to get in good with my boss.

When my boss said, "It would be great to come in on Saturday" to catch up on work... he meant that I should come in.

Not him.

So here I am at the office.. like a douche during Labor Day weekend...  It's just downright embarrassing. 

Apparently, the cleaning/maintanence crew comes in earl on weekends and I just got laughed at by some Mexican lady with an apron and a feather duster in her hand.

Mexican lady: So, you behind?

Me: Yeah.  I have a few things to catch up on. 

Mexican lady:  Ooh.  HAHAAHAH I feel bad for you.  Pobre si nino.

Me:  ....uh yeah.  

So there you have it.  Even a mexican lady with a minimum wage job even feels sorry for me.  My life sucks.


  1. sucks man, sucks
    but at least you have support/love from "us"

  2. Sucks to be you I'd say.
    Well follow me, I'm following you and i'll click ;)

  3. Hope you feel better soon. Get well soon.

  4. giving daily support!

    Follow me

  5. awwww here it goes

    check it

  6. doing my daily rounds. & returning the favour. i love your blog, have a great day. :)

  7. This is your boss. I was there, I guess you didn't know I like to dress up as a Mexican lady and pretend i'm a cleaner on the weekends. Maybe if you had tried to get to know me as a person and not just as your boss you would have. BTW i'm not happy about this blog. Not happy at all.

  8. e-support bro

  9. hey looks at mine

    supports sisters (wink)

  10. man that sucks.


  11. i know how you feel, i work all weekend. :\
    leaves me less time to blog.

    Bang! Support incoming!

  12. At least your getting your work done. It will pay off over time.

  13. cool blog keep it up

  14. doing my daily rounds! keep it up!

  15. You should have burned a $20 bill in front of her.