Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lupita and Starbucks girl...

So I actually left her a note.  Obviously, I didn't go that crazy with the sarcasm. 

I actually bought her a card from one of those Hallmark Stores and I pretty much wrote:

Dear Lupita,

Thanks so much for being so nice to me. I appreciate the fact that you clean my room first.  My girlfriend (wink wink) came in the other day and commented on how clean my office was.  I told her that it was all because of you.

Thank you again.
Mr. Smith

See?  It was very politically correct.  I let her know subtly that I had a girlfriend (granted it's imaginary) and hopefully that'll put a stop to things.  Hopefully.  I'm sure I'll get a response from her.

On my way to work today, I decided to pick a cup of joe from Starbucks.  There is this really cute girl that works there.  She's probably in her early to mid twenties.  She's about five foot four.  She's either Chinese or Korean.  She has big eyes and her smile is just makes my knees buckle.

"Hi? What can I get for ya?"

"Uh.  I'll just have a black coffee.. venti."

"Not a problem.  How's your day coming along?"


I wasn't expecting a conversation with this cute girl and I stammered... and I blurted out something so retarded...

I said, " Why do you want to know?"  I have a feeling I might have shouted at her ... I'm probably blocking all this mentally. 

WTF.  The girl just gave me a look. A look of disgust.  She rolled her eyes and began to making my coffee.

She made my coffee, called out my number and began giving me the cold shoulder.

I wanted to apologize, but the little balls that I had left were no longer there and I retreated into my car.

I'm such a dumbass.. I swear.


  1. sorry about the starbucks girl! the key is confidence. you can be the most handsome, chiseled guy in the world but if you stammer, stutter, and don't have confidence women won't give you their time of day.

    Even if it's a facade, it's worth it.

  2. That's just life man.

  3. Ah that sucks bro. Probably should go back the next day and apologize.

  4. Showing my daily support,it would be awesome if you returned the favor!

  5. Man, that's rough... You should do the same thing everyday for a few days, play up how awkward yesterday was, she might think its funny!

  6. love to mah bro


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  7. Yep...we've all been there, this one time...ahh never mind, its too embarrassing.

  8. hah if I'd make a list of retarded things I have said to cute girls, it'd be so long that it would undergo a gravitational collapse and become a black hole

  9. showin some daily support, keep up the posts!

  10. Your shipment of daily support has arrived.

  11. Love your blog, now following!
    Showing some supp, keep it up

  12. ~wince~ so sorry to hear that, man...what a harsh way to start the day :) hey, just go in next time, be extra nice and see if she warms back up--hate to see you denied an awesomely knee-wobbling smile!

  13. awww :( haha better luck next time !

  14. nice mate,i'l do daily round on your blog,please do aswell

  15. Happens to the best of us bro, just make conversation next time you do see her.

  16. cute story mate
    kind of sad from a different perspective...

  17. Great post!!
    I'm eager to see the next one
    supportin & follow you ;)

  18. showing my support to a fellow blogger!

  19. Aww :( try and try again my friend!

  20. Next time you go in, and she's working, just walk up to the counter and when she asks what you want, ask her "what do you recommend?". Then spark up some conversation and let her know you're interested!

  21. >"Why do you want to know?"
    I laughed hard.
    You gotta go back and apologize, though. Consider it stepping stone to being a true gentlemen.