Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I hate Wednesdays just as much as Mondays

I thought I'd share some info before I go apeshit.

I recently came on board and took over some accounts.  It was horrible.  The person who left prior to me coming on board messed up everything.

I had work literally the minute I walked in.  No training, no 2 week get out of jail card.  It was just crap.

So here I am cleaning and I have co-workers who are sitting next to me giggling about trivial stuff.  Not only that, they want me to join in with them.

Seriously.. I do not have time to sit and shoot the breeze with you folks.  I really do not care if you your step daughter got arrested for a DUI.  I really don't care that you had a flat tire when coming into work.  I sure as hell do not care that you have a sinking suspicion that your girlfriend is cheating on you.  Chances are I'm probably the guy that's messing around with your girlfriend.

Why is it that when you're swamped, you have people who constantly drop by your cubicle and ask me how my day is coming along.

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  1. Thats has it is everywhere. At each business there are a couple of people that actually work then the rest just sit on their ass all day.

  2. I wish people like that would be fired. It's hard to get a job at the moment and these people clearly do not deserve theirs.

  3. Man, your life sure is a living hell :D Gotta love these blogs to do some venting no?