Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Do you guys ever have those instances with your ex's?

I usually have a rule that I adhere to all the time.

You don't talk to your ex.


I personally think that it gets more confusing and causes possible emotions to rise without some sort of repercussion.

But in this situation: She kind of threw me off guard and just annoying:

Ex: So yeah, I just wanted to say, "hi" ^_^

Me: Uh.. ok.

Ex: So, do you miss me?

Me: No. I try not to think about it.

Ex: You don't miss the sex?

Me: What guy wouldn't? But it's not worth it.

Ex: When I was with you, I wanted to have sex more.

Me: (Somewhat agitated) Really? So all those times, when I initiate, you turning me down was just a fluke? Get the f'ck out of here.

Ex: Oh no.. I wanted to. But I was stressing over (work, family drama) that I couldn't. But I really liked it and I wanted to do it more and more.

I'm kind of annoyed by this. Why would she bring this up?

Women in general are the kings of mind games.


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  3. hahaha king of mind :)))

    think to much:)

  4. All girlfriends should be ex-girlfriends!

  5. ignorance is probably the best way.

  6. lol! as you said, don't talk to your ex. avoid them all the time.

  7. lmao wow as a woman i would like to say....who the fuck acts like that?? hahaha but i agree with the comments, she totally misses ur c*ck....you see when (some) women are in relationships they use having/not having sex to their advantage, guess she feels bad that she did it wrong and f*cked herself over lol

  8. because shes alone and realizes she missed her chance. your better off without her.

  9. Agreed, talking to your ex can get awkward from time to time :/

  10. She's going through some hard times and she wants a shoulder to lean on. She remembers that you were there for her so she wants you back.

    And she's trying to use sex to entice you back.

    Don't fall for her trap!

  11. who is the celebrity your ex most resembles?

  12. i try to get them out of my head and forget everything and bottle it all up, it's really healthy

  13. They all want what they can't have

  14. I dont really talk to my ex's no need so nah I cant say

  15. mmmm, that sucks... for her. muahahaha.

  16. Women are evil
    Men are pigs

    this is the truth of it.

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  18. Yeah, I try to avoid them at all costs. They just say some super awkward stuff to purposely make you feel weird, yet they'd be insulted if you said the same stuff