Monday, September 6, 2010

Date night with Mr. Smith

So to preface my date, I met her at the bookstore.  She caught my attention from the way she was playing with her hair.  She wasn't just twirling it with her finger, but she was actually nibbling on it as she was reading. She had a dark auburn hair that draped over her shoulders and her bangs were cut in a way that you could tell that she cut them herself. 

I was immediately attracted to her.  Her clumsiness is what sparked my interest.  Also, her choice in books (Adult Romance novels.. I kid.  I kid) is also something I found hot and sexy.  Your writer, Mr. Smith had puppy love for this girl.  Her light brown hazel eyes made me turn to mush.  I was sputtering and stammering in inchoerent sentences to see if she was interested in having some coffee with me. 

She looked at me for a few seconds and you could tell she was trying to see what was inside of me. Trying to size me up.

Was I going to hurt her?

Was I going to make her cry?

"Sure. Let's go"

My heart jumped out of my chest and ran up to my throat.  She slowly got up from the floor and we walked out of Borders Bookstore and went into a coffee shop.   She had your typical white tank top and a brown khaki shorts. Your summer gear.  She wore these sandals that lazily followed behind her feet. The clipped and clopped as the sandals hit her soles.  It was cute.

"What would you like to have?"

"What do you think I'll like?"

I cursed at myself silently.  I was never good at reading people nor pleasing them.

I order two mocha chocolate coffee.  It was getting kind of chilly that night so I asked that they make it hot for us. 

As were waiting for our drinks to be made.  I start to make small talk.

We find out that she's originally from Chicago and was here to check out some job opportunities.  She's been here for a few weeks and she still hasn't decided what she wanted to do. 

I sympathized with her and told her that it must be tough especially in this day and age to find a job worth pursuing. 

Coffee is finished and as I'm walking to a table, she begins to walk towards the bookstore again.

Puzzled...I call out to her.

"I just got a call from my boyfriend.  He's waiting for me at the parking lot for me.  It was nice meeting you."


Goodnight sweet prince..


  1. i'm not fit but i'm doing my daily runs

  2. What a bitch. Sorry dude. Sounds like you did everything right! Keep doing this, and you won't have to do it much more, I promise...

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  3. Cool story, bro.

    Doing my daily rounds.:)

  4. ;_; dude, that's horrible. You were right on target too, you didn't deserve that!

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  7. I know how you feel. I won't go through the story but something similar happened. Sucks.

  8. damn dont u hate it when they are taken!??

  9. Dude is this a true story? if so WOW. Pwned lol (sorry) Oh well, cant win em all bro.

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  10. Damn such crappy luck! You'll find a better one :-)

  11. what a bitch. thats why women can really unbelievably suck sometimes. i feel your pain bro.

  12. good to see you're beating inertia today!

  13. she used you for a free coffee :(

  14. thanks for the insightful comments on my blog... best of luck on yours!

  15. That sucks!

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  20. that's some rough stuff, broseph

  21. ^___^ ahaha...thanks for the good story bro.