Saturday, October 9, 2010

UFO Sighting in China. WTF BBQ?

There's been some UFO sightings in China.

Apparently this has been the 8th sighting sighting of UFO's in China in less than six months.

Pretty freaking crazy.

The Chinese government is claiming that they're doing their own military and security exercises.

But seriously.. when has China ever openingly admitted to doing military exercises?

It's been way overdue. Governments should finally admit these UFO sightings as being legitimate. I highly doubt it would cause that much pandemonium amongst the population. Who are we to say that we're the only living beings out there? That's just being ignorant.

Random note..Maybe those UFO's were there to pick some Chinese?

I kid. I kid..

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  1. i guess the chinese government are building ufos :-D

  2. awesome post, bro! waiting for MOAR

  3. Disclosure is coming soon, paves the way for one world government, us vs the aliens

  4. WTF?! where you see ufo?:))

  5. meh the ufo in the video is simply a rocket

  6. They are probably telling the truth. They are probably building their own. Have you seen that article on Fox news about the person saying that there are aliens. I think he was in the military.

  7. I think China is a pretty cool guy :)

  8. lol
    maybe they want to adopt a chinese child! :P
    seems adopting a chinese baby has been popular lately.

  9. Was that article translated from another language?

    Oh, and 8 sightings in 6 months in a very large country isn't a whole lot. Realistically, they probably see 50 per day.