Saturday, October 30, 2010

Crap that bothers me...

So lately, I've been watching a lot of television. Being unemployed does that to anybody. But, I'm beginning to notice something really annoying and it just pisses me off.

What I'm really angry about are celebrities.

Specifically.. they're celebrities that are actually supporting some sort of organization and they ask us common folk to give or donate.

What the fu*k?!

You guys have millions of dollars in your pockets and you want us to donate our hard earned money? Some of which required sweat and tears?

It just irks me. Instead of asking me to donate, why don't you take your own medicine and help them. I'm sure some of them donate money, but how easy would it be for you to recover the funds you donated?

What about Laquesha and her hard earned minimum wage? If she donated 50 bucks to the Stand Up to Cancer organization, that's probably a fourth of her weekly wage. 50 bucks is a latte and probably a nice lunch in West Hollywood.

I'm done ranting.. but if you're a celebrity and you're reading this.. I would love to see someone that completely gave all of his/her possessions and showed us an example of what charity really is.


  1. I'm still employed, for now, no raises in 3 years, but insurance is double since last year. And every year they give me a United Way form, and I pitch it right in the trash. Why should I give so the jagoffs who make 10 times more than me can go give each other awards about their participation rates?

  2. True true. Thus, never donate to a charity in which a celebrity asks you to donate money.

    Well, unless you have proof they've already given millions to this thing.

  3. A bunch of that stuff bothers me too

  4. the thing that bothers me the most is having a tag inside of my tshirt

  5. I see what you're saying. Cool blog, you got a new follower!