Friday, September 24, 2010

Interview gone terrible....

So I applied for a position in some company that is literally an hour away from the house.  It was about 1 hour and 30 minutes from home if I didn't take the toll roads. 

So I have their HR lady call me a few days go and we have a brief stint of phone tag with one another.
Finally, I get a hold of her.  She requests that we meet yesterday at a certain time.  I agree.  She calls me two hours later and asks if she could reschedule.  I don't whine about it and I agree to the change.

Now get this... I drive my ass all the way over there and I stand in an empty lobby for like ten minutes.  Suddenly out of nowhere, this warehouse worker guy comes out and looks at me as if I'm crazy.  I tell him I'm here for an interview and he goes ahead and looks around for that HR person.

"She went for the day mang"

"You gotta to be kidding me..."

"No mang.. she's went home already"

I guess my facial expressions weren't hiding anytime soon and he decides to ask someone else.

An English lady pops out of the back office and then asks that I fill out an application.

As I'm filling it out, two of them come into the conference room and begin interviewing me.  None of them being the HR person.  Then a gentleman comes in and interviews me.  You could tell the vibe isn't there nor is their experience in hiring personnel. 

Fifteen minutes into the meeting, they conclude it and then go about their business..

I've never seen such a weird company before and wtf is wrong with the HR lady?  How does HR flake out on their own interviews?

Do you guys ever have weird stories like this?


  1. Ohh, sorry to hear that man, better luck next time

  2. so far i haven't experienced that kind of treatment.

    but man, that story is really weird.

  3. I appreciate the information man, thank you very much

  4. Never happened something like this but sure is strange Oo

  5. Believe me I've had plenty of interviews where the people clearly don't know what they should be expecting of me. I just pretend to know what I'm doing half the time.

  6. Does indeed sound like a right pain in the arse.

  7. Dude don't bother getting a job at a phone company, just start your own online porn site. Make it user generated content like slutload, sell some ad slots, boom you're in the money.

  8. My town isn't really a big city, so for most of the part time jobs, you don't even get to meet face to face with anyone- even for an application. You have to apply online. Feels bad man.

  9. i was this HR lady once, and had a job in a weird abandoned warehouse. i'd tell people to come, but i'd leave early for the day.

  10. just stopping by, one blogger to another, just to let you know i enjoy your blog all the time! Keep the love coming!

  11. You are gonna ace it next time mate :D