Friday, January 1, 2010

I should be grateful...

Wow.. I was really tested today...

Here's what happened:

-I was on my way to my mom's house to spend some after New Years lunch/dinner when an old Oldsmobile Cutlass swiped my S2K on the rear left side... The guy wasn't uninsured, he didn't have a license... the car that he drove was his father. 

-I found out that my insurance agent somehow took out uninsured motorist coverage for some reason.

-I got a lovely call from my bank today stating that I did some transactions.  Dealt with Fraud Prevention and unfortunately.. they caught on to it too late.  I wasn't able to have them reverse til the investigation is done....

Pretty crappy day overall...that's how I felt today.  On New Years of all day..I'll even admit it was my birthday too.

Sure it sucked today.. but there was a alot of good things happening today.

-Spent some quality time with family and extended family members.
-Watched some decent movies.
-When I got home.. feeling all defeated and depressed, my girlfriend ran downstairs to make make me some food..
-Also the guy that swiped me today.. was drugged or drunk...and I know for a fact that this accident could have been a lot worse...

Life sucked today... but my loved ones lifted me up and helped me get through the day..

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