Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lupita part Tres. I'm still scared while typing this..

So, here I am at the office still trying to pack away some boxes... when lo' and behold, Lupita shows up.

I should have known.  I was hoping to get everything packed up, but one of the clients called and I didn't want to sound unprofessional with me grunting and heaving over boxes while he's asking me questions. 

I thought about coming by the next day, but I knew I wouldn't have any time to do it since I'd spend most of my day transitioning accounts to my old co-workers.

So here's basically how the conversation goes:

Lupita: Oh! (she begins to suck on her candy furiously.)

Me: Oh hey, Lupita.

Lupita: Dee you get my note?

Me: Yes, I did.  Thank you for your compliments.

Lupita: (smiles.. and slowly dislodges whatever nasty candy from the gap of her mouth).  I like you.

Me: Oh. Well.. uh (Lupita begins to inch closer to me.  I take a step back).

Lupita: I like you.  (She smiles and I'm reminded of a Jack O' Lantern...)

Me: Uh.. yeah.  Thank you.  But.. But...

Lupita:  But what?!  (She begins to seethe.  She obviously thinks I'm playing games with her).  I know you like me.  I see you look at me. I know. I know. 

Me: I'm not playing games Lupita.  I'm really not playing games!  (I'm trying to figure an exit strategy, but I'm somewhat cornered). 

She literally had her arms at her hips with that butter scotch candy furiously going in and out of that gap.

There was an awkward silence and I began to accept fate.  If I was going down, then so be it.

My phone went off.  Lupita and I both looked at my phone. 


It was my mom. 

My freaking mom saved my ass. I quickly picked it up and I began to head out. 

Me: Hi mom?  How are you doing?

Mom: You know, you didn't go to jury duty right?

Me:  Oh no way mom!  Really?  That's such a shame.  (As I walk out of my office, I pick up a box and look at Lupita).  I'm sorry, but I think you got it all wrong.  I'm not interested.  But, mind if you lock up after you're done cleaning? Thanks, bye!

I didn't bother turning around.  I just bee-lined it to my car and took off.  I wanted to make sure she didn't know what car I drove as well. 

I'm kind of paranoid of what may happen tomorrow morning.  Who knows, she might leave a steaming pile of poop on my desk...


  1. Man, just tell her you're not into that kinda bullshit. Christ, what is she going to do?

  2. poopies! =D

    oh well, throw a party. let someone puke on the floor and give her a fiver extra to clean the mess. Will certainly creat some space.

  3. dude listen to your cock

  4. Thanks for the insightful comments on my last blog post!

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  6. Ha your mom just saved your ass. You better get her something awesome for Christmas. Hopefully Lupita doesn't go all crazy and mess all your stuff up D:

    Also: Nice drawing of her. I like how her hair is combed over on the side

  7. I like the way you designed your blog :)

  8. I lol'd so hard at the drawing

  9. I love how her arms are a much deeper shade of brown than her face. Also, is she tweaking her nipples in that pic?

  10. allways you joke is verry good :))
    hahaha i have a good day today:))